This month has been so filled with all kinds of good stuff. The Silence in the Sound won the NYC Big Book Award in women’s fiction. I never have the typical response of excitement and joy that most “normal” people, I think, would have. I feel nauseous and almost have a panic attack, then wonder when it’s all going to end—but I’m a work in progress. My win came on the heels of my Revere event at Mission Beach House. If you haven’t been to Revere Beach in a while, I suggest you come for a visit.

I didn’t even know where I was as I hadn’t been down that way in some time. When I pulled into the parking lot near Wonderland Train Station and saw a sign that pointed me toward a Star Bucks, I nearly fell over in my leopard heels. Then taking the elevator up to the most beautiful bar and restaurant overlooking the beach, the beach where I grew up was just unreal. Things have certainly changed but what hasn’t changed are the people. A new Revere infused with the old is a flavorful cocktail I enjoyed at Mission that night. The excellent staff and customers intermixed with those who knew the city of years earlier were simply marvelous. I couldn’t have asked for more. Writing is such an odd thing as you put so much heart, soul, and time into a book, and it becomes precious to you. You’re protective over it and can be incredibly sensitive about it, but there is something so freeing about putting it out into the world and letting it fly, watching where it goes. Yes, it’s scary, like so many things, but it’s such a cool experience, and I can’t thank my friends, family, and the whole tribe around me enough for this venture. I feel like it’s changed me and made me better getting to talk to you about this story. Thank you.

We all have a story to tell, and I wish more people would tell them, the unexpected people, the regular people, the complicated real, raw, gritty folks—even if it’s just an essay or a poem. So many people have unique and exciting things to say, and many would love to hear them. I know I would.

Thank you to The Revere Journal and Melissa Randall for the featured story, and I’m thrilled to be chosen to be reviewed in the Midwest Book Review.