This week I’m giving you another peek at The Silence in the Sound… Chapter five… Welcome to Revere, Massachusetts, where I’m from. A bit of a hardscrabble place just outside Boston, at least it used to be. And that’s where we are going; back in time to 1992 for a visit. So drape yourself in black, add a touch of leopard, AND smell the salty air MIXED with gravy (or sauce) cooking on the stove, channeling your inner Italian. Let’s dive in…


Dianne Braley’s beautifully written, lyrical, and insightful debut weaves the disparate threads of the journey to wisdom and maturity into a wondrous fabric.  The Silence in the Sound plumbs the depths of relationships – with a famous author, with a lost father, and ultimately with oneself – to measure the sometimes dark pathways that bring us to where we are.  A brilliant read, and a first novel that promises great things to come. 

“—Greg Fields, author of Through the Waters and the Wild, winner of the 2021 New York Book Award for Literary fiction”