More than any award or best-selling status, I am thrilled that I, working alongside the RFK Community Alliance organization here in Massachusetts and the FUEL program, the sailing camp on Martha’s Vineyard and soon to be newly named Martha’s Vineyard Ocean Academy, were able to pull off sending a well deserving child to camp. For those who don’t know, part of the proceeds of my novel, The Silence in the Sound, which is set predominantly on Martha’s Vineyard, goes to the RFK Community Alliance and their COASA (Children of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse) program. The program is fantastic and helps upwards of one-thousand kids and families in the state and growing. They have a camp of their own. After tireless efforts and countless meetings, a very deserving young girl and Camp COASA graduate is getting the chance of a lifetime, going to sailing camp for a week on the tall ship Shenandoah docked in Vineyard Haven harbor. They sail along New England’s coast and visit neighboring spots while learning to sail and working the vessel. My heart is full. Given that much of the premise of my book details the devastating effects of growing up in addiction and shows how a beautiful place can be healing, I thought this collaboration would be a perfect blend. Please see below for more about the RFK Community, COASA, and the FUEL program (Martha’s Vineyard Ocean Academy). I hope for your continued support in recommending and reviewing my book so we can do this again for another child next year. Thank you!

Children who experience a loved one’s alcohol and/or substance use disorder often suffer from a wide variety of challenges, including low self-esteem, problems with relationships, and a higher likelihood of developing an alcohol or substance use disorder themselves. COASA, located in South Boston, MA, is a unique resource for these children in Boston and nearby communities.

COASA programming operates year-round and offers supportive educational groups, as well as individual and family counseling. Camp COASA is a one-week day camp held annually in the summer. All COASA programming provides opportunities for children to learn about their unique needs and work toward the healing and thriving that is essential for them to live rich, full lives of their own, break their isolation, and learn to differentiate between the person they love and the illness that person has.

To learn more about RFK and what they do, click here.

An Experience of Self-Discovery

Become the crew of a working sailing ship and set sail for a week you will never forget. Unplug, make new friends, and become immersed in a lifestyle dictated by the winds and the tides. Learn, grow, swim, sail, sunbathe, beach-comb, and visit harbor towns with your new crew.

Click here to learn more about THE FUEL PROGRAM (Martha’s Vineyard Ocean Academy).