Do you have a special place that owns your heart? Mine, like many, is martha’s vineyard, massachusetts. While I’ve lived in massachusetts my entire life, I hadn’t been to the island until my early twenties. Growing up on the north shore, we headed to new hampshire or maine for getaways, and having little means, the bulk of our vacations were right across the street at good old revere beach, a place too that will forever own a piece of me.

I just came back from a girl’s weekend on the vineyard. Seeing my friends and people means so much, and as always, after a visit, my heart is whole. Although I no longer live there, I frequently visit to recharge and find myself again. I am reinvigorated, happy, grounded, and fulfilled when I return. I then can live and write with an ease that had faded since my last trip.

The sites and smells of the island and being with people I love, not only my friends but every person I pass by, in a way, I feel connected. I’ve always felt this since the day I arrived and sat on an overturned rowboat and looked out over vineyard haven harbor to the cliffs of east chop. From that moment, I felt complete. There’s something about this place that draws people in and always has.

It’s, of course, breathtakingly beautiful, but it’s more. I’ve tried to put my finger on it, but it’s not just one thing: the slower-paced life, the beauty, the simplicity, and the throwback to a time since gone. I wondered if it was one of these things or all, and of course, it is, but mostly, I think it’s a place that brings like-minded people together. Being there, you’re not only connected more with yourself and your loved ones as everything has slowed, but you’re surrounded by such touched and untouched magnificence. I find the answer is all of these things, but mostly, it’s because you’re with people feeling the same. They get it, and that’s why they’re there, keep coming back or never leave. It’s a kinship that not everyone has, but if you do, it’s just there, and some or all of your soul has found its home.

I cannot wait for you all to read my upcoming novel, the silence in the sound, and get to know both places, revere, massachusetts, and martha’s vineyard, or revisit them through another lens as they are both unique in their way.

What’s your special place? Share in the comments. I’d love to hear.