What does it take to achieve your goals? I think the answers vary for everyone, but there are a few words that you hear from successful people repeatedly—discipline, persistence, work, focus, etc.—fearless motivation. Sometimes it’s not the most talented or gifted, and even those who are lucky enough to be, if they aren’t focused and don’t have the discipline to keep what they have going, their success won’t last. You hear all kinds of words today, like manifesting. It’s become trendy, but it’s been practiced forever by many, Maya Angelou, Frieda Kahlo, Al Gore, Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce & Jerry Seinfeld, to name a few. It’s easier said than done, I know. It’s so hard not to have instant gratification in a world filled with instant gratification, but the saying is true, anything worth something is worth working for. I have learned that the process in a goal is where I gain the most. It’s where I grow and learn more about myself, what I can do, etc. The end is just the icing on the cake. I go into each goal, knowing I won’t give up unless I finish it. I ask myself, “are you willing to do whatever it takes to achieve this?” If I’m not or you aren’t, it will never happen—no doubts, if and or buts. When I trained for the WNBF World’s bikini competition, I told myself I was willing to die to get up on that stage. It sounds extreme, but I believe that is the mentality needed to achieve what you want. 

I live by Nike’s slogan “Just Do It,” and what my trainer said through it all “Trust the Process.” I apply these to everything still and envision I’m unstoppable. But you can’t manifest all day, every day. You have to put it out there, visualize it, and live as you’ve already achieved it, knowing the universe will give when it’s ready or when you’re ready, and you may never be. I know… I know… but some things are not meant for you, and you have to trust what will be and that it may come another way. I know… easier said than done. And in the interim of manifesting, what I do to balance it all is be grateful. I walk around thankful for everything and anything, from a little visit with a ladybug, to the pillow I rest my head on. But I assure you, not every day is perfect.

Whoo hoo! I was just notified by email as I write that my upcoming novel, The Silence in the Sound, won a significant award, and I am thrilled. I envisioned it and put it out there a long time ago, and I’ve busted my ass and worked writing this book for two and a half years straight, writing, learning, writing, and learning, and five years before that, I prepared to write this book. There is no instant gratification here, and there has been a ton of rejection, mistakes, and heartbreak, but the success in this and the change in me are lasting. Instant gratification is a fleeting moment and can disappear as fast as it comes. No one can ever take away your hard work and what you’ve earned from it. Whatever you want, “Just Do It,” and Trust the Process.” BE FEARLESS!

I just wanted to share some things that have worked for me, and I am still learning. I’d love to give you one last thing if you haven’t heard already: the “Fearless Motivation” soundtracks (and there are many). They have changed my life, and I’ve attached a video. Check it out and let me know some of your secrets to making your dreams come true.