Hey guys! I’m on the Vineyard, the setting of my book for the week and as usual it’s the best time although this trip is a bit different and not so much a vacation but I couldn’t ask for more because my book’s been released. This moment is such a full circle event I can’t even begin to describe. It’s been close to fifteen years since leaving the island as a full time resident broken, scared and grief stricken heading back home to the north shore but the island has forever been my hearts home and it took awhile but I found the courage to come back and reclaim it for me again because to me it was mine the day I landed on it as a young girl. Now I’m here celebrating the journey and writing what my heart has called me to for so long. I’m headed to Edgartown Books today and doing a signing on the porch from 2-4pm where literary legends have sat before me. I am speechless, humble and my heart is full. If you missed it I was on the After Show Podcast with McKensie Stewart & Amy Shannon. Amy has read my book, This Silence in the Sound and said I write from the heart. She couldn’t be more accurate. My debut novel is from my heart. It’s been a journey and thank you for allowing me to share it with you.

Please take a listen to the podcast and tell me your thoughts. I’d also love you to check out the Martha’s Vineyard Times article. Journalist Abby Remer is just amazing.