Hey guys. I am beyond thrilled to write this blog as a few weeks ago, I signed a deal with a publisher, and I’m over the moon! My book, The Silence in the Sound, will tentatively debut in August 2022 with Koehler Books. And while I think I’d finally be able to breathe again as I have been waiting for this moment (praying, manifesting, bargaining), I realize I am again, just getting started.

Writing to then getting published has so many stages, highs, and lows I often felt I’d need to admit myself to the psychiatric ward for a much-needed break. The amount of knowledge I’ve learned through this process is mind-blowing, and while there were a few times I got it right, I also took many turns in directions that, in hindsight, were foolish wastes of time and some just plain, plain, plain crazy. I am not claiming to be an expert or know a fraction of what experts might regarding writing, the process, and how to get your book out to the world, I can only speak to my journey, and I hope you’re here for it.

With all of this, I thought I’d talk about my book, how I started, where I am, and the madness in between, so I hope you come along for the ride while I relive the past few years—at least what I think might be the helpful or humorous parts. I might need an extra therapy appointment or three, but hey, I got a book coming out for you all to read!



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