Hey everyone! How is your summer going? The wild weather has undoubtedly put a “damper” on things… pun intended. But hopefully, you are making the best of it. I am still shopping my second novel, The Summer Before, to agents. I have some luck with full requests and a few dreaded rejections, but that’s the nature of this biz…  It is so slow and soul-sucking, but like many writers, I can’t not do it, and I want my work to find its proper home with someone who loves it and gets it. I know I told you all before about working with the RFK Community Alliance Organization and Martha’s Vineyard Ocean Academy (formerly FUEL) about our collaboration in sending an awesome young girl to sailing camp on the island provided by proceeds from my book. Well, The Revere Journal, the city paper where I am from, has been following my story, and the fabulous reporter Melissa Randall wrote an article about our venture. I’d love to be able to do this again next year, so don’t be afraid to buy a book for yourself or ten friends. Ha! Here is the feature. Thanks, Melissa and The Revere Journal, for all of your support!

I thought of what to write today, and just as I started, a very special book I ordered came that I am beyond excited to read. As many of you know, my debut novel, The Silence in the Sound, is inspired by actual events set on Martha’s Vineyard, where I‘m headed soon to renew my spirit and recharge my soul. The island has had my heart since I set foot on the sand many years ago. While my book is about the effects of growing up in addiction, toxic love, and coming of age, it is also heavily influenced by my time as the private nurse for Bill Styron, the Pulitzer-prize-winning author of Sophie’s Choice and The Confessions of Nat Turner, to name a few of his works. My motivator and friend passed quite a while ago, but I remain in touch with his widow Rose. I have known for years that she has been working on her memoir (she is ninety-four friends), and I am excited to inform all who will listen that her memoir, Beyond This Harbor, is complete and out in the world.

Rose Styron has lived a tremendous life. She is a poet, philanthropist, international human rights extraordinaire, Amnesty International founding member, hostess, and socialite to and of the stars. So many celebrities and politicians, both famous and infamous, trekked through the Styron home, and Rose writes about this and so much more. Rose is a fascinating woman, to say the least, and after an introduction by Truman Capote, she became Bill Styron’s longtime wife. Together they shined as America’s literary golden couple for many years, and while I know many details, I can’t wait to read it!

Here is the New York Times Review. Congrats Rose!