Hey Guys,

I’m sure every writer would agree that writing in any form can sometimes be lonely and isolating. While many of us enjoy solitude, it can often be too much. Of late, I’ve become excellent friends with a hornet that made a little nest in my bathroom window, and getting my iced coffee every day; I’ll have, you know, is a massive social event. What we do have as writers, if you know enough to access it, is a huge online community full of support, and guess what? They get it because they’re living it, just like you. While no two experiences are exactly alike, who better would know the heartache of rejection, the dismissiveness of family and friends, the highs that come with a good review, the lows of a bad one, and all the before, after, and in between. I’ve found this community to be the most AMAZING and supportive people looking to connect with others in our bubble, offering help, guidance, and support. It’s honestly nothing I’ve ever experienced. There are so many social media groups, guilds, associations, etc., that are free or occasionally; with a guild or association, there is a small fee to join, but they offer an array of services and tools that help writers from the beginner to the novice. Webinars and how-to’s on anything and everything, legal services, retreats, contests, awards… it’s all just so cool and beautiful.

Writing Friends Are The Best Friends

Right now, I am fortunate enough through these connections to be exchanging reviews of my book for a review of theirs. While a book launch is so busy and there is little time for reading, I am absolutely loving the break in it and the fact that I am getting to read books that I might not otherwise pick. I’ve read some historical fiction, LGBTQ fiction, and non-fiction. These usually aren’t my go-to. Right now, I’m reading a relaunch of a book about The Dyatlov Pass, which is an insane mystery about nine Soviet hikers that died in the Ural Mountains in February of 1959. These authors took an interest in my book and reviewed it and for that, I’ll be forever grateful. I’ll also be forever changed from reading their books that have taken me on new adventures and outside my comfort zone where you only ever grow. Thank you, writing community, and cheers to success, new friends, and new beginnings.

Below are some Facebook Groups I’ve found helpful and the communities I’m involved in that have helped shape my writing in so many ways.