Hey guys. I have entered new territory on my publishing journey; the reviews are coming in. While I’ve had, like most authors, my book critiqued by what feels like a million agents, publishers, beta readers, critique partners, and a few chosen friends & family, now the public is getting chance to read it.

I thought I was cool; I thought I was calm,

I thought I was ready,

but man, is it nerve-wracking. This rollercoaster ride is just a never-ending series of tremendous highs and sometimes horrible lows. You never know what each day will bring. Readers are subjective and have different tastes, enjoy specific genres, and writing styles, and I think all writers and authors get that. What no one gets, though, is mean. You can dislike and critique a book, but you never have to be mean. Someone has worked hard on that cluster of pages you hated, and while I haven’t experienced that YET, my reviews have been great except for a few that I didn’t seem to grab. But I’ve been reading others’ reviews much more closely on a few books I loved and some I didn’t care for. It’s amazing how differently people can feel.

I’m going to pretend for today that my positive reviews will continue with sprinkles and a cherry on top but brace myself because it’s tough out there! Click below to read about some classic books that got horrible reviews when they first came out. You may be shocked!